PPIHC 2017 - Update 7

The last practice session for the hill climb was yesterday morning at the bottom section of the mountain, and this session was unique in that the best lap time for each competitor is actually used as the qualifying time for the race this Sunday. This year, the motorcycle competitors with faster times run later in the motorcycle session Sunday morning. However, due to a pretty extreme fog that rolled over the mountain in the early morning, the entire mountain was shut down after only one run. Even in that run, Rob, who was one of the last competitors to go, told us that halfway through the section he encountered fog so thick he could barely see a few feet in front of him. However, Rob still managed to qualify as the fastest electric motorcycle competitor and placed 14th of the overall 29. RW-3x will be the 16th bike to run on Sunday, which should give the mountain enough time to warm up and create more favorable road conditions than the team experienced last year.

After getting back from practice, we didn’t have too much time before needing to organize and set up for Fan Fest, an annual event that takes place the Friday evening before the hill climb. Downtown Colorado Springs was taken over by competitors and other motorsports companies showcasing their vehicles and answering questions from the thousands of people who flock to this event every year. It was a much-needed night of rest and relaxation for everyone on the team, giving us a small break before the whirlwind of events going on today and tomorrow. We’re setting up our pit space on the mountain, running last minute errands, balancing the battery pack, and hosting a large cookout tonight for sponsors, families, and friends.

It’s been a long and stressful month (and year), for the team, but we’re finally here. The race starts at 8:00 SHARP tomorrow morning. RW-3x is nearly ready, and Rob is still absolutely thrilled with its performance and the amount of power he’s getting at the wheel. The team cannot wait to see how he does, and we have complete confidence that he’ll be able to lead Buckeye Current to a podium finish.

How to follow the 2017 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:
1. For the first time in its 100 years of existence, the PPIHC will be live-streamed. Just go to and register with your name and email, and you can expect to see footage of each car on course from the 22 cameras placed along the track, as well as exciting helicopter footage (weather permitting.) Viewers will also get to see a course overview, POV footage from Carlin Dunne's safety run, driver and rider interviews, leader board and weather updates, segments with special guests and a look back into race history, plus hear driver bios, timing updates from all three stages, average speeds and overall standings throughout the day.
If you can’t watch the live coverage tomorrow, there will be a second viewing available at a later date.
2. Live timings and full runs will be on throughout the day.
3. Listen live to KRDO 1240 AM at
4. Download the Official PPIHC App on your mobile device.


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