C2000 Peripheral Explorer Kit

Our BMS/ECU development started with the C2000 Peripheral Explorer Kit. This kit allows the electrical team to prototype many of the components of the ECU while learning more about the delfino F28335 processor that we plan on using for our final BMS/ECU.


The delfino F28335 processor has many peripheral components like UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, ADC, etc that will allow us to implement the full ECU. This processor can allows us to data-log to an SD card, have short range telemetry with Bluetooth, run a serial driver display, listen and talk to the motor-controller, measure current on a hall effect senor or voltage shunt, talk to battery pack BMS modules, and much more.


The delfino F28335 processor can also run a Real Time Operating System that will allow us to keep track of all the ECU's tasks while giving priority to more important tasks, safety related tasks. TI provides a RTOS for us to use called Sys/Bios and this is what we will be using to implement all of the components in the ECU.




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