COE Presents Buckeye Current with the Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award

On 2/24/15 Buckeye Current received the Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award, presented by the College of Engineering (CoE). At the first Student Organization and Recognition Award ceremony, over 20 student organizations were nominated and recognized for: inspiring youth, providing inclusive culture, and portraying Ohio State in a positive light. You can read more about the awards and who won at:

Leads Lauren Alman, Aaron Bonnell-Kangas, Alex Miller, Kim Concillado, and Nathan Lord had the honor of receiving the award for the team. Notable accomplishments, of Buckeye Current, that led to this award are: participating in the Ohio Educational Technology Conference and maintaining successful sponsor relations with 16 companies in 2014. A big thank you to CoE, our sponsors, and the team for everyone's hard work in 2014 and Buckeye Current looks forward to working with current, past and new sponsors in the coming years!

Below you can see Nathan, Lauren, Alex, Aaron and Kim with the CoE Award and a photo of the award itself!

Author: Kim Concillado
Edited By: Lauren Alman
Photos By: Lauren Alman


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