Build Day 7

Deadlines today:
  • Batteries Installed – In progress as of this writing.
  • Contactor Box Installed – This mounts to the battery frame and can be installed soon after the pack is dropped in.
  • Cooling Plumbed – The cooling system is actually finished, but it too is waiting for the batteries before it can be installed on the bike.
  • Chain Installed – Chain has arrived, but its installation is waiting on the motor which is also waiting on the batteries.
Progress from today:
As of the eleventh hour, all of the items on today’s to-do list are in-progress. The team assures me they’ll all be done by the time we go home, but it looks to be a late night for many of us. Below is a sampling of some progress from the daytime hours:
  • Fairings were painted at PPG today. These look terrific, and we’ll have them back tomorrow for some well-deserved photo opportunities.
  • Contactor box is finished, sandblasted, and assembled. This is ready to install tonight.
  • Battery box terminal cover for the top pack is in-process for tomorrow.
  • All HV parts are done, and we’ve borrowed tools from EcoCar for the assembly tomorrow.
  • Motor duct is done, and we’re working on the radiator intake presently.
  • Received new chain and replacement brake pads in the mail today.
  • BMC completed?


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