Build Day 6

Deadlines today:
  • BMM Wiring Complete – Sense wiring and communications lines are done.
  • Tail Light Mounted – Redesigned and Done.
  • Batteries Installed – Wiring and bussing are nearly done, but we are missing the bolts needed to hold the frame in place. These are on-order through OSU and expected tomorrow.
  • Cooling Reservoir Installed – Reservoir is on the bike. The rest of the cooling system is on-track to be done tomorrow.
  • Contactor Box Installed – In progress as of this writing, should be done by the end of the night.
  • Motor Temperature Board Installed – Housing is made and mounted. The actual board will populate this once it’s wired in, but there’s no reason to endanger it just yet.
Progress from today:
  • Brake system fluids flushed and refilled.
  • Fairings sanded at PPG. These should be painted and returned to us by Thursday. Matt will be out at PPG Wednesday morning to finish up the tank fairing.
  • Motor shroud complete.
  • Motor shroud mounting brackets finished.
  • All sense wiring and bussing are done for the batteries.
  • Motor interface board mounting complete.


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