Build Day 5

Deadlines today:
  • Tail Light Mounted – Tail light is complete. Tail light mounting bracket is complete. Nobody bought the right sized bolts to mount the light to the bracket.
  • BMMs Mounted – While the frame is still in separate pieces, all five BMM boxes and their electronics are mounted at the correct positions.
  • High Voltage Wiring Parts Complete – Made some HV jumpers and a few cables. We have all the tools to make these cables, but we’ve decided to make these at the correct lengths tomorrow once the contactor box and batteries are installed.
Tasks for tomorrow:
With contact person, as suggested by team members concluding the night shift.
Mechanical Tasks:
  • Fairing sanding at PPG. (Matt)
  • Flush brake lines and fill with correct fluid. (Matt)
  • Mounting motor temperature sensor. (Nathan)
  • Drill remaining middle battery cover mount holes. (Kyle G)
  • Cut and install cooling tubes. (Kate)
  • Finish and mount cooling reservoirs. (Kate)
Electrical Tasks:
  • Battery sense wiring. (Nathan)
  • Battery bussing and thermistor placement. (Nathan)
  • Mount charger (Anderson SP-50 port) (Kyle G)
  • Contactor box and relation to charging. (Victor)
  • Enclosure for temperature and motor interface boards. (Jenn)
Progress from today:
  • Working on the design for the top battery cover.
  • Started data processing GUI for use in testing.
  • High voltage jumpers constructed.
  • Air holes and ducting cut into frame plates.
  • Tubing for the cooling system has arrived.
  • Continued work on bussing, sense wiring, and thermistor placement for batteries.
  • Got a 3D print quote that was too expensive, so working on contingency BMC.


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