Build Day 4

Deadlines today:
  • Motor Cooling Block Mounted – Complete and on the bike.
  • Frame Finished – Frame pieces were done as of yesterday. The frame was assembled today for a test fit and then taken apart. It will be rebuilt as batteries are installed in each section.
  • Lower 2 Battery Packs Installed – This plan has been revised so that batteries are not Lower 2 Battery Packs Installed installed in the bike until sense wiring for the BMMs has been connected. Full assembly of all batteries (with sense wiring) is on track and due Tuesday.
  • Software Testing Complete – Done. Software development is frozen until after testing next weekend.
  • 12-Volt Battery Mounted – Mount is complete and on the bike.
  • Tail Light Mounted – Pushed back until tomorrow. Assembly should be simple.
Tasks for tomorrow:
With contact person, as suggested by team members concluding the night shift.
Mechanical Tasks:
  • Final parts ordering.
    • Contact Aaron if you need parts from an online source.
    • Victor will be making a run to Ace Hardware tomorrow afternoon.
  • Top chain guard. (Kyle G)
  • Motor and radiator ducting. (Joseph)
  • Mount battery covers. (Polina)
  • Motor shroud. (Nick)
  • Fairings at PPG. (Matt)
Electrical Tasks:
  • Drill drive controller mounting holes. (Jenn)
  • Charger port. (Aaron)
  • Contactor box and relation to charging. (Victor)
  • Continue sense wiring for the battery packs. (Nathan)
  • Enclosure for temperature and motor interface boards. (Aaron)
Progress from today:
  • Emergency stop button mount finished.
  • Some ergonomic modifications to the frame and fairing mounts.
  • Stress bar painted and mounted to the bike.
  • Progress on BMM sense wiring and low-voltage wiring.
  • Software testing complete.
  • BMM sliders installed on the bottom of the bike.


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