Build Day 3

Deadlines today:
  • Motor Cooling Block Mounted – The block is ready to be mounted, but the design for its plumbing was incorrect. This will be fixed and ready to go tomorrow.
  • Stress Bar Done – Under construction as of this writing; done by the end of the night.
  • Brake Rotor Bolts Replaced – Done and done. Some of the bolts were almost entirely stripped, but all defective bolts have been removed and replaced.
  • BMC Mounted / BMC Enclosure Complete – Our contact’s 3D printer broke down and had to be repaired. Current progress was lost. Electrical team is working on contingencies.
  • Throttle Installed – Throttle is installed to get us through testing. We’ll be ordering a new throttle for the actual race.
Tasks for tomorrow:
With contact person, as suggested by team members concluding the night shift.
Mechanical Tasks:
  • Underside sliders to protect the BMMs during bottom-out. (Matt)
  • Continued work on radiator ducting. (Joseph)
  • Cooling reservoir. (Kate)
  • Install all frame parts and motor. (Matt)
  • Rear chain guard. (Kyle G)
  • Flush brake fluids. (Matt)
  • Cooling block fittings. (Bill)
  • Battery covers. (Polina)
Electrical Tasks:
  • LV wiring harness. (Aaron)
  • BMM mounting points (Victor)
  • BMM sense wiring preparation (Victor)
  • Continued software testing (Nathan)
  • Purchase new throttle (Aaron)
Progress from today:
LCD and Bluetooth testing.
ALFAT logging finalized and tested.
Electrical troubleshooting and some low-voltage wiring.
Reordered batteries (organizational update).
Ducting materials purchased and prototyped. Radiator moved.
Ordered new cooling pump.


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