Build Day 2

Deadlines today:
  • Battery Frame Second Cutting – Water jet cutting of the plate on 1/4" stock was completed.
  • BMC Enclosure Done – Still printing as of this evening. Hopefully done tomorrow in time to install by the end of the day.
Tasks for tomorrow:
With contact person, as suggested by team members concluding the night shift.
Mechanical Tasks:
  • Frame Welding (Brad and Jenn)
  • Stress Bar (Will)
  • Brass pipes for cooling block (Bill)
  • Replace brake rotor bolts (Matt)
  • Flush brake fluids (Matt)
  • Cooling and reservoir system (Kate)
Electrical Tasks:
  • LV wiring harness (Aaron)
  • BMM sense wiring preparation (Victor)
  • Continued software testing (Nathan)
  • Purchase new throttle (Aaron)
Progress from today:
  • Progress on planning cooling and reservoir mounts.
  • Eliminated two battery cells from the design. There are now a total of 54 packs = 108 S, ideal for the BMMs.
  • Made additional battery spacers.
  • Mounted L-brackets for the battery frame.
  • Cut all-thread to length.
  • Machined top-frame angle bars.
  • Secured donation of brake pads from Venturi. Still need a source for windscreen and tires.
  • 2 BMM boxes mounted to lower frame.
  • Made a cross-over cable.


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