Build Day 1

Deadlines today:
  • Radiator Mounted – Radiator is mounted on the leading edge of the bike.
  • Fairings Out for Painting – Fairings were delivered to PPG this morning.
  • Frame Sliders Installed – Slider positions were chosen, but will not be mounted until we get the fairings back from PPG.
  • Battery Shelf Water-Cutting Complete – Plate was cut from 3/8” stock when it should have been cut from 1/4”. Will either water-cut a new plate with 1/4” stock or mill down by tomorrow evening.
  • BMC r02 Design Out – Design not sent out. It was judged that these boards will not come in until after testing is complete. Ordering later this week?
Tasks for tomorrow:
With contact person, as suggested by team members concluding the night shift.
Mechanical Tasks:
  • Water-jet or mill new battery shelf (Brendan)
  • Shrink-Wrap Bussbars (Brendan)
  • Make battery spacers Finish mounting holes for interior motor plate (Bill)
  • Terminal cover (Polina)
  • 12V Battery Mount (?)

Electrical Tasks:

  • LV wiring harness (Aaron)
  • BMM wiring preparation (Aaron)
  • Continued software testing (Nathan)


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