Predicted Performance

Alright, I do not want to leak too much, but figured it would be nice to give everyone a little bit of insight into our performance goals.  Keep in mind these are predicted numbers and thus not final specifications of our machine.  As stated our goal is to win the 2013 IOM TT Zero and we are designing a machine to do this.  This means a few compromises are taken that will not make the machine as inherently competitive on short track races of the TTXGP, which we have the intent to compete in as well.  The IOM is all about energy, not power, not weight.  Thus we have been about trying to fit as many batteries we can into a machine and let our rider go all out the full 38 miles. 

RW2 machine power should be in the neighborhood of between 90-100kW peaks which is at the realistic limits of our motor and controller system.  Motor should spit out close to 4500RPM and 280Nm peak.  The battery system will be capable of delivering much more power peak.  The motor is 27lbs while the controller is 19lbs.  Continuously the motor will run at least at 40kW with variances due to cooling and actual duty cycle.  The controller's limit is higher at something north of 60kW continuous with minimal cooling.  The battery system will be a 400V nominal pack between 14 and 18kWh using multiple cells in parallel and 100+ in series.  The 06 CBR1000RR chassis (full frame, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes, and bars) is around 155lbs.  Ideally we want the machine to be right at 500lbs and current projections show that we will be very close to 520lbs.  These numbers go up and down as we revise battery packaging and component mounting this next month. 

MotoCzysz has been a major resource for the design metrics of our second generation machine, and it seems like a good idea when you consider they have won the TT Zero the last three years.  Interviews, articles and performance numbers that are available online have given us an idea what is needed at the IOM and what is needed to beat them!  For instance MotoCzysz had reportedly 14kWh on board last year and weighed in at 525lbs.  Our energy to weight ratio will be very close and hopefully higher than these numbers. 


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