C2000 with Bluetooth BlueSMiRF Gold

The BlueSMiRF Gold is an easy to use bluetooth modem that we bought from Sparkfun. This module will allow the team to have short-range telemetry during the testing of the electric motorcycle. This will also make our diagnosis of problems with the bike during testing mostly wireless.


So far we have gotten the driver written so the C2000 will transmit and receive messages through the bluetooth module. This is all done through SYS/BIOS allow for this task, although useful, to be made a lower priority compared to other parts more safety related parts of the BMS and ECU.


This code was fairly simplistic to write because TI provided a few examples of UART communications including ones that are based off of interrupts. I was able to directly use that example to convert to SYS/BIOS and a driver for the bluetooth module.


The picture to the right shows the connection between the bluetooth and the experimenter's board. I was able to use a bluetooth dongle connected to my computer to read data from the C2000 and trigger an interrupt by sending data from my computer to the C2000.


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