Buckeye Current Races On

Buckeye Current, the student electric motorcycle team at The Ohio State University, recently competed in the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Despite the tremendous setbacks of the team’s rider, Rob Barber, having an unforeseeable accident on a practice run and the consequent major repairs to the bike, the team persevered to ensure that RW-3 made it to the summit of Pikes Peak. While the team did not break the overall motorcycle record as desired, its accomplishments in the attempt were remarkable.

Buckeye Current’s RW-3 finished second in its class and 16th overall out of 52 motorcycles with a time of 11:12.756. This feat is 46 seconds faster than the leading electric motorcycle of the 2014 Hill Climb. RW-3 also proved itself a strong competitor of gas-powered motorcycles with its blistering 121 mph clocked speed. The team is thrilled with these achievements after overcoming such massive hurdles, made more impressive by RW-3’s standing as the only student-designed motorcycle to race this year. Buckeye Current is very proud of its rookie performance and hopes to accomplish even more in the future.

The team would also like to express gratitude to our sponsors this year. Buckeye Current owes all of its achievements to the support of the entire team, its sponsors, and its fans. The team is especially thankful to Joe Prussiano, who stepped up to be the rider following Mr. Barber’s last-minute injury. Within a week of volunteering for the challenge of an unfamiliar vehicle, he arrived at Pike’s Peak and delivered a stellar performance. Mr. Prussiano’s determination and willingness to learn a new motorcycle was a sight to behold and Buckeye Current is incredibly fortunate to have him.

As the team looks forward, we thank everyone who supported us this past year. Please continue to keep up with Buckeye Current through social media and here!