PPIHC 2017 - Update 2

We fixed the motor!

Figured that would be a pretty good start to this update, since the last one was a little bit of a cliffhanger and it has been a few days. The replacement resolver came in even earlier than we expected Wednesday, so the team immediately got to work integrating it into the motor. After some initial hiccups, the motor was recalibrated for the new resolver and after some shakedown, the bike was ready for the track.

Track testing was a definitive success on Thursday. The team was on location from 9:00am until 3:00pm, running 5 tests on the track lasting about 12 minutes each. In between runs, the team charged up the battery pack and pored over data from the extensive datalogging network, making sure that the bike is getting closer to operating at its peak performance. Rob was getting more and more confident in the bike, and we’re listening to his feedback after each test to continue fine-tuning the bike and its subsystems.

The team spent Thursday night making some modifications in our garage, including changing the gear ratio (58 tooth rear sprocket = ALL the torque), adjusting the suspension, replacing brake pads, modifying a few components to give Rob more ground clearance, and more. There was a slight error made in dismantling some parts of the bike, and the team spent part of today replacing the parts and putting the bike back together. Everything was successfully repaired, and the team made it out to our test track this evening for some late day testing (and gorgeous photo opportunities). We turned the current on our inverter up to our peak current limit before the test, hoping to give Rob a feel for what the bike would be like at full power. Fortunately, we pulled higher currents on the bike than we’d ever pulled before. Unfortunately, we blew a fuse on our DC line. We were able to repair it on-site with a spare fuse and got in another 12-minute run before calling it a day. Rob came off the bike beaming, praising the suspension tuning and his new high-torque gearing.

All of tomorrow we’ll be out to a different track, this one allowing for us to push the bike harder and up to its top speed. We’re very excited to see what RW-3x and Rob can do, and we’ll keep you updated on the results!