Fairing Manufacturing Update

Hello Readers,

The Aero Team has begun working on the fairings for RW-3. The Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc. (CVG) has agreed to cut the molds for us this year. Last year, the molds were female molds made from polystyrene insulation foam. The results were great, however improvements were possible. Therefore, this year we are using male molds, which are also called plugs. We plan to create female molds from the plugs, and then use the female molds to create the final product. Below are images of the plugs we received from CVG. The first image is the nose plug before sanding. The second image is the tail and tank plugs after sanding, body filler and sanders sealant applications. The plugs still need several iterations of sanding and glaze applications, but the first lay-up for creating the female molds will happen later this month.

We will keep you posted on the fairing manufacturing process as the build cycle progresses.


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