Isle of Man 2014!

If you have been keeping up with the Buckeye Current Facebook and Twitter, you've seen all eleven team members have made it to the Isle! After a few flights, layovers, and long ferry rides the team was ready to arrive at the isle and get started prepping the bike for the TT. Though there is always time for some fun, Jenn Holt was lucky enough to have Rob Barber take her on his bike through the entire race course! The team also saw some beautiful sites in Douglas such as the ferry port, shops, and the coast line.

The paddock, where all the bikes, riders and crews stay and prep the bike, is packed and electrified with excitement for the start of practices and race days. Everyone is anxious to see their competition and test their bikes against the course. On the first day of practice, hundreds of the riders were excited to test their bikes out on the infamous course. The energy is palpable as the home of motorcycle racing is primed for another electrifying TT!


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