Fairing Design

Hello Readers,

Last week the Aero Team finalized the CAD drawing for RW-2's fairing design. I've attached images of the design to this post. We used SolidWorks to draw the contours and build the surfaces. Thanks to our amazing Mechanical Engineering students, we had CAD of the frame and battery pack to work from, which helped us create a tight fitting and accurate design for the fairings. Also, the CAD drawings helped us plan the manufacturing process, and I believe the construction of the fairings will go very smoothly.

The CAD of the fairing design is now with the Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG), who has graciously agreed to help us build the plugs (i.e. molds) for the fairings. Building the plugs is roughly 40% of the work when it comes to making the fairings, so CVG is saving us a lot of time. This weekend we hope to buy the material for the plugs and begin building the foam blocks to bring to CVG. Once at CVG, We will use their CNC machine to cut the blocks into our desired shapes.

That's it for now. The bodywork manufacturing is kicking into full gear, so the Aero Team will keep you guys posted as best we can.

John Reinert


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