Sunday Workday: Testing, Testing.

The bike has returned from a successful Isle of Man trip, and work has begun on improvements. Everyone was bitten the speed bug, now we want to go faster! Our first order of business: Our Motor/Motor Controller interface.

Former team member Kyle G, was gracious enough to loan us his Rinehart motor controller. The learning curve of such a complex piece of equipment has been expectedly steep. Often the most complex scenarios are solved using a series of simple steps. For example, spinning the motor to run a test. The necessary tools? A bicycle and a laptop.

While part of the team works with the motor and motor controller; Others work on a variety of off bike tasks. Coding, designing, training. The amount of work necessary to build a race bike is astounding. As soon as an item is checked off the list: two more are added to it. Dry erase boards, a calendar, and a certain amount of patience are essential.

Even now, the discussions occurring behind me are ranging from the details of current flow within a specific circuit board to a discussion of the outputs of a simulation run by fellow team members.

There aren't many things better than working on RW-2, at the Center for Automotive Research, on an Autumn Sunday.




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