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Spotlight on Andrew N.

Andrew has been a member of Buckeye Current for over a year. He decided to join the team precisely at the moment that RW-2 began to transition from the design to the build phase. It also coincided with the need for the design and manufacturing of a major component of our battery housing. Since that time, Andrew has been working on all manner of projects for the team, but fate seems to have decreed that Andrew come full circle this year.

In his own words:

"Work for me has been all about that 1/8" aluminum. The battery frame is finally coming together, but there are tons of pieces to hold our complex geometric design all together. That's where I come in. Cutting sheet and strips, mostly rectangular but occasionally triangular, with the key being precision. Most of the pieces being used are getting welded directly into the framework, requiring tight tolerances so the fit is just right.

For these parts, the tolerance is about ten thousandths, which isn't too easy to do on a bandsaw. Rather than spend time on the mill, which has been a busy machine for not only our team but the other teams around CAR, I've been doing most of my work on the shear. After getting the pieces within about 1/10", I move on to filing. And filing. And filing. When it's all done, my hands come out black with metal dust, but the pieces are right in spec. In the hands of our awesome welder, Jenn, these pieces will soon be in place, ready for the batteries to get loaded up and the bike to start reaching its final stages. "


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