Wrap-up of the first build of RW-2

It has been a big year for the electrical team. A year ago we set a goal to build up our own custom Battery Management System and ECU and we did an amazing job with our goal. We selected a processor, decided on a Real Time Operating System, chose all external peripherals, designed a system layout, designed and built custom circuit boards, wrote custom software, wired batteries, and tested everything in the bike.

Of course we ran into problems along the way, but we became a better team because of it. Everyone on the team now has experience building and troubleshooting an ECU. Collectively we know 90% of all the problems with building an ECU and because of this we are ready to achieve even greater electronic accomplishments.

The electrical team is now set for the future. We have perfect platform for development and a great team to get it all done. We will spend the next year making our ECU more robust and powerful. We will also be cultivating the future members of the electrical team so they can achieve even bigger and better things in the future.


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