Taking Stock

With the new year under way Buckeye Current is preparing RW-2.x for the 2014 Isle of Man TT, with new members joining in the work. As the build phase begins to gain momentum, we're taking stock in an effort to ensure that 2.x is the best bike built thus far.

For the 2014 TT Zero, we're employing a synergy approach to our improvements. Many small changes across every platform will enable us to achieve faster lap speeds than 2013. For 2014 we will continue to use the batteries provided by AEE. We are comparing the characteristics of each and every battery and then using the best ones for this years pack design. The Edison Welding Institute has been a longtime sponsor of CAR, and this year has graciously offered to inspect the welds on our frame. This will allow us to better understand how the additional weight of our batteries is affecting the CBR1000RR frame.

We're also improving our team dynamics as well. Mentoring, lessons and seminars are helping to develop new skills for all our members. We also are working hard on developing a better, more cohesive approach to our external communications. Our sponsors will soon be receiving a newsletter, and our social media channels will carry photos, videos and content update for all our supporters!

Race on Buckeye Current!


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