Appearances in the Press

Increasing awareness of electric motorcycle technology is an inherent part of out team's mission. Read the stories below for different snap shots and views of our story!

News Story Description Link
CoE Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award The College of Engineering awarded Buckeye Current with the Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award" title="CoE Award"
SAE Momentum SAE wrote a full article about our team winning the IOMTT as well as having us on the front cover." title="Buckeye Current’s TT triumph - SAE International
AMA "Electric Motorcycles Charging into Marketplace" by Jim Witters Under "Speed Racer" in Academic Efforts This is coverage we received from AMA on our team in their September 2014 magazine.
ARTS TPN Best Endeavour Award At The TT Zero Races This is the coverage we received from the IET for the TT Zero best endeavor award.
Buckeye Current nabs third place in Isle of Man TT Zero Ohio State College of Engineering's write up of the race and our success.
John McGuinness lightning quick in SES TT Zero The official results of our race from the IOM TT including our 3rd place finish.
7 Electric Motorcycles Battling for the 2014 TT Zero Title An analysis the field of competitors in the TT Zero including ourselves.
ReRun: Revving Up The Buckeye Current for 2014 TT Zero EV World Blog is a prominent electric vehicle blog that covers electric vehicles in all shapes and forms, from electric bicycles to plug-ins. They sat down with team leads Brendan Kelly and Aaron Bonnell-Kangas to discuss the team's preparation to return to the Isle to defend the podium finish in the this podcast.
Thunder Roads Ohio Story Thunder Roads Ohio covers all things two-wheeled in the state of Ohio They've teamed up with Buckeye Current as a promotional sponsor to share the news.
Ohio State electric motorcycle team Buckeye Current members in it for ‘pure passion’ The Ohio State student newspaper covered the team's return in this article.
Ohio State University Team Readies Electric Motorcycle For TT Zero Green Car Reports included this article in their coverage of the world of green tech in the automotive space.
Buckeye Current repairing circuit boards, testing bike, at TT ZERO 2014 Electric Race News provides a technical update of the teams troubleshooting of a board issue the team overcame upon arriving on the Isle for the 2014 TT Zero.
TT Zero challenge The local tv station on the Isle covered the team as part of a peice on the TT Zero and the IET presentation The team will be presenting on the technical innovations of the bike This story includes an interview with Rob "Bullet" Barber, our rider.
Buckeye Current gears up for Isle of Man TT Zero race The College of Engineering at Ohio State, one of our biggest supporters, wrote a great article about our journey and the race this year.